French Wedding Photographer

A professional wedding photographer based in Paris, In work all over France and abroad. Within my agency Halard Photography, I realize wedding photodocumentaries and portraits  to capture the solemn and intimate moments during this special day.

Magical moments that showcase your personality

My portraits and documentaries showcase your personality and relationship as special moments reveal them during your wedding day. Your style and taste guide my work from the choice of equipment and angles all the way to the realization of albums. As a photographer, I try to render the uniqueness of each couple and of each atmosphere

Religious Moment

The legends of the here and now

Whether during the pre-wedding preparations, religious ceremony, evening reception or next day brunch, my presence at your side remains discreet so that you can enjoy the moment in all its intensity. This is why discretion is for me a priority.

Religious Moment

A wedding photographer is not a narrator. He steps back and observes - his camera lens ready to take pictures that will go down in history. The purpose of my photos is to capture the legends of the here and now, to render their life, spontaneity and emotion.

Religious Moment 5

Enjoy the atmosphere while I capture it

After several years of being a professional wedding photojournalist in France and abroad, I have constantly exercised my eye at capturing a scene, a gesture, a detail that reveals the essence of an event and its atmosphere.

Revealing details

Throughout your wedding day, from the pre-wedding preparations to the cocktail and evening reception, I always keep an eye on precious details that shed a poetic and personal light on the big picture.

Religious Moment 8

Religious moment 9

Whether you are getting married in a church, a temple, a synagogue, or even outdoors in a garden, I capture the religious moments of your wedding ceremony in my photography.